Ever one to cheekily thumb their noses at categorization, indie-posters Giants of Industry take yet another turn on their latest full length release “Say the Word”, this time flirting with alt-electro, dance pop, and neo soul.  The album boasts a lean 8 cuts, ranging from the swaggerfunk of the title track, to the trappy hipster-hop of “How Do You Like Me Now”, to the anthemic, atmospheric “Marching On”.  Leaning on synths more heavily than on their previous work, their fuzzy guitars are still to be found in the mix, as well as judicious use of 80’s drum machines.  “We either rented or otherwise found our wishlist of vintage gear, Moogs, Linn Drums, you name it…we had a field day mangling them and tweaking during production” says Cunningham. 

Formed in 2012, the band has become a Giant in its own right, gaining an ever-growing fanbase through placements of their songs in video games, movies, and television.  “Its crazy how many people discover our music by hearing a song in a commercial, or on a TV show or whatever.  But honestly, we are just having fun and we make sure it comes out in the music”, says Cunningham.